"Working with Jenna changed my whole approach to all the products I use, from shampoo to laundry detergent to lipstick. Jenna helped to reform my home in so many ways! Her service is personal and professional at the same time. She comes into your home and makes you feel like she’s an old friend, one who is as intelligent as she is beautiful and kind. She makes an area that can be difficult to navigate much more approachable. As someone who considers themselves pretty well versed in the non-toxic, natural product world she brought a whole new light to understanding and deciphering what I was using on my face, body, teeth, hair and in my home! She gives her advice gently and makes realistic swaps allowing the sometimes emotional process of switching products to be carefree."

- Louisa, 30


"Jenna changed both my mindset and my skin for the better! At first, I was very overwhelmed by the prospect of having to switch all of my products over. I had been using some of them for over a decade. Jenna made the process easy, fun, and personalized. She spent time helping me find clean products that I love even more than the ones I had been using. I feel so much better about my beauty routine and much more knowledgeable about my choices!"

- Sophia, 29


"Working with Jenna was a true pleasure from start to finish. As a total newbie to clean beauty, I had no idea where to begin, but Jenna made the whole process not only painless, but fun! While I didn't know which level of service made most sense for my needs, Jenna was totally flexible. She first made sure she understood my priorities, and then helped match them to her areas of expertise, while always finding moments to personalize, and really make the process my own. I am now using (and love!) all of the products that Jenna recommended, and hope to revisit her in a couple of years to get deeper into my home care. I would highly recommend Take Good Care to anyone considering updating their beauty regimen!"

- Kate, 29


"I enlisted Jenna's expertise through her Head to Toe package and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the process. I was somewhat reluctant as I knew that many of the products I used and loved would fall into the toxic category and as a creature of habit, I was resistant to change. However, the fact that there is essentially no regulation in the beauty industry really scared me and I knew removing these toxins from my everyday life was important. I was also nervous that I would feel guilt or shame for using so many toxic products, but I am happy to report that this was not the case at all! Jenna was a dream to work with and was so understanding and sensitive to my feelings. She never once made me feel bad for the products I was using and she encouraged change over time. I was so impressed by her wealth of knowledge and ability to not only recommend great replacements, but teach me what to look for (or what to avoid) in a product and why. I also loved the fact that she really cares that I am replacing the products I love with equally as effective natural options. My individualized protocol was so well-researched and specific. It is a guide I reference often and will keep forever! Thank you Jenna! I would not be living a non-toxic life without you!"

- Carolyn, 30


"Jenna has come up with such an amazing service with Take Good Care. She is so incredibly professional and knowledgeable and really opened my eyes to so many different ways that my product consumption and routine could change to purify my day to day life. She goes above and beyond with each step to ensure a uniquely personal service is delivered without it feeling invasive at all. I feel so lucky to have been able to learn so much from her and have incorporated so many of her suggestions into my life. She is the best and I cannot recommend her and Take Good Care enough!" 

- Sibel, 28


"As someone who has never had very 'problematic' skin, I never put much thought or care into my skin regimen. I chose products that were convenient and rushed through a bare minimum routine. Jenna enlightened me about how my product choices could improve my skin in the short term and keep it healthier in the long term. I didn't realize how the harsh products I was using were drying out my skin until I switched to the non-toxic products she recommended. I immediately saw a huge improvement! More importantly, I feel comforted and empowered by the fact that I'm exposing myself to only safe and quality ingredients."

- Irina, 28


"Jenna got me started on my journey to detox! It started with my skin care and cosmetics. I wanted to shift to a non-toxic regimen, but with my already over-loaded schedule, the myriad of choices was more than I could research and sort through alone. Then I was introduced to Jenna. One look at her skin and hair - clear, luminescent and most of all healthy looking - I knew I wanted her expertise. Right away, I asked Jenna to remake my regimen. She is so knowledgeable about ingredients and brands. From head to toe, she has recommended products I love using and that have changed my skin and hair. I truly feel I have lifted the burden of chemicals. Jenna is smart, fun, focused and constantly watching the market for new products. My next project with Jenna is changing over household products to non-toxic options. Better for my family and better for the planet. I can hardly wait!"

- Diana, 60


"This might sound histrionic, but working with Jenna at Take Good Care changed my life. I was initially wary of making the switch to an all natural beauty regimen, thinking (like most women I know) that the products couldn't possibly be as effective. Not only are Jenna's tailor-made recommendations better for my health, but I have noticed an incredible change in my skin. My skin used to be dull and congested and now it glows from the inside out. I need fewer products and wear less makeup. Additionally, working with Jenna has increased my mindfulness and made me think about ALL of the products that I invest in, including everything from my face oil to my shower curtain to my toothpaste. Because these products are less toxic for our bodies, they are less toxic for the planet, which is something I feel passionate about. I have had friends and strangers ask me what I'm doing differently and I simply give them Jenna's contact information. Voila!"

- Sophie, 29