About Jenna



My journey into wellness began seven years ago as I was building my career in fashion and beauty public relations. While working for a top luxury brand, I began to pay closer attention to my health and, like many young women in New York, to adopt consistent exercise and nutrition habits. As I developed my own wellness routine, I continued to use all of the conventional beauty products that I promoted daily to editors, influencers and makeup artists. Surrounded by these products both at home and in the office, I was confronted with the criticisms of the beauty industry’s use of toxic ingredients. While I was concerned, I had high standards for product efficacy and did not want to sacrifice results. I quickly learned that cleaner products yield equal, if not better, results than their traditional counterparts and gradually transitioned to a clean routine.

As my skin and health flourished, I was inspired to further educate myself about the ingredients in everyday products and the impact they can have on human health. Many common ingredients have been linked to allergies, hormonal imbalances, reproductive challenges, birth defects, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and cancer. I dove deep into exhaustive research and dedicated myself to live more holistically. My education continued while working for the best natural beauty store in New York and simultaneously building a direct sales business for a leading clean beauty brand focused on transparency and advocacy. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, I began to inspire and advise my friends and family to clean up their routines and homes. Still working in fashion PR, yet wanting to align my career with my values, I left my job to turn my passion into my every day.

My vision for Take Good Care is to empower others to optimize their wellbeing by reducing their toxic exposures – in an easy, chic, and beautiful way.